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Direct Action Grants

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Our Grants

The Lambda Theta Alpha Foundation is excited to launch this year’s Direct Action Grant initiative specifically catering to providing classroom / cleaning supplies to educators to protect students during the fall cold / flu and COVID-19 season.

This year's Direct Action Grants opportunity coincides with the Foundation’s humanitarian relief pillar and our focus on education. We are supporting our educators with providing 

, to provide individuals or groups with up to $1,000 towards furthering initiatives in support of programming for those affected by COVID-19.

This can include, but is not limited to, providing supplies to individuals and / or community organizations for organizing discussions and educational seminars, or gathering resources to assist those impacted by the pandemic. 

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Please be as detailed as possible in your application. Provide contact information and the following:

  1. Program details / description and purpose.

  2. Event Title

  3. Type of Program (Humanitarian, Educational, etc.)

  4. Event Date & Time

  5. Expected audience and Attendee numbers

  6. Co-sponsorship details if any.

  7. Detailed budget

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