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The Lambda Theta Alpha Foundation fulfills our mission thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Thank you to those who have supported so far. We look forward to growing our support network, so consider supporting to help us move our mission forward!


Donor Recognition Program

Your continued support will bring new perks and ways to proudly recognize your contributions. Our four-tier program recognizes our supporters at various giving levels. Donors can move up the tiers throughout the year and will be recognized accordingly for their generosity and dedication.


Donation tiers are of the following:

  • Tier 1 Donations < $200

  • Tier 2 Donations $200 - $499

  • Tier 3 Donations $500 - $999

  • Tier 4 Donations > $1000


We are excited to enhance our recognition efforts and look forward to continuing to uplift the Foundation’s mission and those who benefit from its steadfast dedication.


Email: development@ltafoundation.org

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Lambda Theta Alpha Foundation's mission is to advance the community. Our efforts promote enrichment of our communities through our pillar approach, focusing on educational programming, scholarship and humanitarian relief.