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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matters.
#LTAFoundation #InSolidarity #FightForJustice

See our statements.


"The Equity Blueprint"

A student-based advocacy group designed to educate and inform others on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Healing, Self Care & JOY

This toolkit is brought to us by members of the Rochester, MN community. This section is a compilation of articles, guides, videos and other tools focusing on self care in the wake of the tragedy and trauma of racial injustice in our country.

Dive In...
Anti-Racism Resources

Resource to begin anti-racism work. A comprehensive list of articles, books, documentaries / films to watch, podcasts and organizations to follow. 

Voting: Let Your Voice
Be Heard!

As we approach November it is important that we all have a plan when it comes to casting out vote and making it count. Below you will find links to register, access sample ballots, and most importantly tools that protect your right to vote. 

How to Support
Black Owned Businesses

Check our how FINIMPACT outlines the implications and demonstrates how to help Black-owned businesses out amidst the current situation in support and solidarity.

Know Your Voting Rights

This Learn more about how to exercise your voting rights, resist voter intimidation efforts, and access disability-related accommodations and language assistance at the polls.

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